Our Approach

Steele Wealth Management employs a tax-efficient approach to wealth management, focusing on comprehensive and integrated wealth management strategies while optimizing tax efficiency.

Our approach to wealth management is a customized one, which accounts for the unique needs of different clients; and delivers a financial model that works for each client's unique needs, risk tolerance and goals.

We use a fee-based wealth management approach combining the Viridian Account which lets you manage your portfolio with our advice for a one-time fee, and our discretionary Private Investment Management service (PIMG) delivered by our Portfolio Manager. Unlike commissions, management fees for non-registered accounts may be tax deductable.

Benefits to you of this fee-based program include:

  • Regular written portfolio reviews - including rates of return
  • Annual trading summary and gain/loss reports for tax reporting
  • Monthly statements of all transactions
  • Premium yields on cash balances
  • One all-inclusive fee, based on the market value of your portfolio
  • Management fees for non-registered accounts are tax efficient

An Integrated Approach
Integrated Wealth Management is the process of building a complete and coordinated model of our client's total financial picture. This approach builds into it all of the structures, accounts, companies, financial assets and liabilities, hard assets, return requirements, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, legal restrictions, tax issues, time horizon and unique circumstances.

The process allows clients to know where they stand before and after tax - today, short term, intermediate term, and at death.

Your Comprehensive Road-Map
Steele Wealth Management partners with our clients to interpret the valuable advice provided by our clients' other financial professionals and to prepare a comprehensive road map of the client’s total financial picture.

As an added service we also provide referrals to our dedicated network of professionals to suit your needs - accountants, lawyers, bankers, and real estate specialists.

In many cases our clients may already have trusted relationships with an accountant and lawyer and we are happy to work with them on our clients' behalf.

A referral of our services to a potential client is made and we explore to see if there is a mutual fit.

Initial Contact
An introduction to Steele Wealth Management and Raymond James Ltd., basic questions, our philosophy and our process.

Discovery Meeting
Detailed questions and discovery, gathering of information, determining your risk tolerance and objectives and review of our process.

The Presentation
Your Wealth Management Plan, asset management & structure, Investment Policy Statement and sample reporting.

Acceptance and implementation of recommendations, transferring assets and referrals to a network of professionals if necessary.

Semi/Annual Review
Portfolio and performance review, implementation of recommendations and updated client data and objectives.

Plan Monitoring
Portfolio review and adjustments, continuous communication and implementation, updated client data and Investment Policy Statement reviews.


There are four main functions that define our offering. Those functions include:

Planning/Modelling. We provide more than just investment recommendations.

Our team’s broad set of skills allows us to provide you with in-depth financial and estate plans. Understanding your current financial situation, objectives and goals allows you to gauge your risk tolerance and build realistic return targets and expectations as well as lifestyle expectations. Knowing where you stand and where you want to be is an essential building block to your satisfaction as an investor.

Strategy/Recommendations. Forming an appropriate strategy is necessary in achieving investor satisfaction.

Our team’s experience in setting asset and sector allocation as well as in taxation and insurance planning allows us to provide you with an appropriate after-tax risk exposure that will optimize expected returns. We have several decades of experience in determining risk tolerance and capacity. We set portfolio strategy with utmost prudence and maintain strong lines of communication with clients regarding current risk tolerance, how future events can affect risk tolerance and what changes should be made to portfolio strategy in light of changes to risk tolerance.

Access to research from Raymond James Ltd and our team’s research capacity provides our clients with up-to-date information and insight on all investment products, from equities to alternative investments, with little turnaround time. We take great pride in our research capabilities. We believe that Knowledge Pays and we want our knowledge to benefit you.

Execution. We offer a wide variety of solutions to allow maximum flexibility in our recommendations.

On a non-discretionary basis, we provide trading execution of equities, fixed income and mutual funds as well as cash management and foreign exchange solutions.

We also offer portfolio management on a discretionary basis which currently includes the management of two balanced model portfolios – the Tactical Taxable and Tactical Registered portfolios.

These portfolios allow you to step back from the day-to-day management of your portfolio. Investing in these portfolios is the easiest way to access our team’s knowledge and expertise. They are managed at a low-cost, relative to active mutual funds and ETFs. For more information on our discretionary portfolio management services, please click here.

Special Situations. We offer a variety of complex services to meet the needs of those with special situations.

The following services are provided by Steele Wealth Management and Raymond James Ltd.:

  • Deferred Compensation Plan Evaluation
  • Cashless Exercise of Stock Options
  • Concentrated Stock Liquidity Solutions
  • Access to Alternative Investments

Each client's communication preferences are as unique as their individual needs. Some clients prefer quarterly reviews in person, while others want email or monthly calls. Our team has the flexibility to tailor our communications to your preferences.

At a minimum, you will receive from Raymond James Ltd:

  • Quarterly account statements
  • Monthly account statements, if there has been account activity during the month


As an added service to our fee-based clients, we provide many styles of additional reporting that include:

Online Access and Paperless Statements:
Sign-up for Online Access
Register for online account access by clicking the Account Login button in the top right corner of this page. You will normally receive your username and password 5 to 10 days after registering.

Go Paperless
Raymond James provides our clients with the choice to opt out of paper statements and receive their client statements online.

Income Tax Documents Available Online
Raymond James is pleased to announce you can view, print, and save duplicates of your income statement from your online access.

Holdings Summary
For clients with more than one account, both separate and combined (Household) "Holdings Summaries" can be produced.

Portfolio Performance
Various rates of return for various periods of time can be calculated.

Annual Projected Income
This is very useful for planning cash flow.

Realized Gains and Losses
This report can be invaluable at tax time - please note we are happy to send it directly to your accountants, with your authorization.

Asset Mix
For your ease of reference, your current asset mix can be produced in pie graph format. Other graph breakdowns are also available.

Sample Reporting

Once mutual fit is established, we begin the client relationship with an in-depth discovery meeting to obtain full disclosure of your financial situation. This meeting allows us to gain a thorough understanding of your financial position, as well as your overall mission and goals. We use this information to prepare a plan to position you for where you want to be financially.

It is important for you to know that the information you provide to Steele Wealth Management and Raymond James Ltd will be dealt with in the strictest confidence, as with all business transactions we conduct.

The following information may be requested of you at the Discovery Meeting:

  • Your latest statement of registered and non-registered investments that include average costs
  • Copies of life and disability insurance policies and/or statements
  • Copies of Wills, Codicils, Powers of Attorney, personal directives and family trust documents
  • Income tax returns from the previous two years
  • Details of all personal liabilities
  • Year-end financial statements for the most recent year of all operating and/or holding companies in which you have an interest
  • All pension details
  • Details of concentrated stock positions and employee stock options
  • A completed copy of The Big Picture available below
  • All other information pertinent to your situation


Required documentation for account opening as per our regulators:

  • Social Insurance Numbers of all account holders and beneficiaries
  • Bank Reference (including account number and address)
  • Void Cheque to send money electronically to your bank
  • Photo Identification (valid driver’s license or passport)
  • Business Tax Number for corporate accounts


The Big Picture
Please complete the following questionnaire in anticipation of the first meeting, and bring it with you along with the documents listed above.

You may either fill out the form by hand or fill it out digitally and email the completed form to

The Big Picture (electronic fillable version)
The Big Picture (hard copy printable version)